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[U.S. 99th FA Bn Emblem]  995th Field Artillery Battalion Photo Album

The following is a small set of photos problably from Pvt. Frederick "Fred" Minehart of the 995th Field Artillery in WWII. Unfortunately, only a few of the photos are labelled. The dates range from April 1944 in Naples, Italy to February 1945 in Alsace.

The 995th FA Bn was equipped with 8" howitzers and served in Italy, France, and Germany. 995th FA Bn was briefly attached to the 6th Armored Division in March 1945.

Units, persons, and locations mentioned in the photographs:
  • Units: 995th Field Artillery Battalion (995th FA Bn)
  • Persons: Pvt. Frederick "Fred" Minehart, Jim Demonselle, Ditrich, Leroy Tuck, Al Ricciotti, John Graham, Chas. Capra, Marty Factor, Harold "Jim" Dillon, S/Sgt. Tex Roberson, Wm. Rush
  • Locations: Atlantic City, NJ; Pico, Italy; San Angelo, Italy; Naples, Italy; Anzio, Italy; Chaumont, France; Alsace, France; Munich, Germany
  • For more information on the 995th, please visit the 995th Field Artillery Veteran's Association website.

    [GI, 995th FA Bn, San Angelo, Italy]
    [GI, 995th FA Bn, Naples, Italy, April 1944]
    Two photos labelled as Fred Minehart, near San Angelo, Italy (left) and Naples, April 1944 (right).


    Two photos of the soldiers and howitzers of the 995th FA Bn. The soldier in the upper photo is labelled as S/Sgt. Tex Roberson. In the lower photo, note the crewman holding on atop the first gun. A souvenir German helmet lies on the second gun.    
    [S/Sgt. Tex Roberson with Howitzers of 995th FA Bn]
    [Howitzers of 995th FA Bn]


    [Side View of Truck of the 995th Field Artillery Bn]
    [Front View of Truck of the 995th Field Artillery Bn, 7th Army]
    [Line of Trucks of the 995th Field Artillery Bn]
    Three photos of same well-marked truck #544541, showing the right-hand side, front, and left-hand side. The right side contains a unique "nose-art" image on the hood, along with the name "Sally" and the unit marking on the passenger door (a charging rhino with a artillery shell for a horn over a large 8"). The front of the truck carries "7A", "995F", and "A17" markings on the lower bumper with "Uniontown PA" above.


    [WWII Damaged M4 Sherman Tank]
      A snapshot of a Sherman with damaged left track along the roadside.


    [Soldiers of the 995th FA Bn in Italy]
    [Truck and GIs of the 995th FA Bn]
    [Soldiers of the 995th FA Bn]
    [Soldiers of the 995th FA Bn with Car]
    More photos of unit's soldiers including Fred Minehart, Wm. Rush, Marty Factor, Harold "Jim" Dillon, and Chas. Capra.

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